Advocacy Project for Two Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQQIA+ People

Program Coordinators: Karen Houle

Contact Email(s): 2spiritmentor@mwikwedong.com

Phone: 519-377-3171


1. Provide support and services for gender and sexually diverse people within Friendship Centre communities.
2. Utilize existing Indigenous community capacity to support self-defined needs from a culture based framework.
3. To support a Trauma informed approach to community-building and inclusion.
4. Research ways to better do this and look at where we have been, where we are, and where we are going.

Increase Knowledge & Support – work one on one with participants and in groups to self-define and support development of a sense of belonging that promotes healing and well-being.

Increase skills, knowledge, attitudes and values of traditional Indigenous ways of life & Promote Cultural

Restoration and Preservation – promote ways of knowing and healing within a local context that provide support to Two Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQQIA+ people.

Encourage and Foster Well Being – Create a space that creates a positive sense of Indigenous identity and sense of belonging in Friendship Centres for Two Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQQIA+ people.

Activities Identified as Important by Participants

• Traditional teachings & ceremonies
• Circles for them – and other social spaces to get support, and connection
• Staff and community training on inclusivity and pronoun use
• Creative support and outlets – art, filmmaking, traditional crafts, music
• Visible indications that M’Wik is a safe and inclusive space
• Discussion/workshops on safer sex and healthy dating
• Continuation of youth advisory committee
• Greater connection to nature with land based teachings, medicine walks and just being out together

Activities to date:
• Monthly Movie and a Dinner Night
• Beginner Guitar Workshops
• Weekday hours for on-on-one support for Two Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQQIA+ people.
• Community Outreach
• Online community through Facebook Page
• Support to Family members and friends of Two Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQQIA+ people.

Activities Upcoming in the next few weeks:
• Acoustic Jam Circle
• 10Week 2S Talking Circle
• Tell My Story Filmmaking Workshop – followed by M’Wikwedong film festival

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