Wiisinadaa – Let’s Eat!

Program Coordinators: Adrienne Brennan

Contact Email(s):

Phone: 519-371-1147 ext. 258


This program aims to revitalize our traditional food systems which will help reduce rates of diabetes.  We provide access and availability to a vulnerable sector of our communities:
The urban Indigenous peoples.

We want to identify, overcome and eliminate the barriers to having healthy, traditional foods as a part of our lifestyles.

If you or your family have ever wanted to try hunting, fishing, gardening or any other project that would put food on your table, we can help!

Services Include:

  • free consulting on at home gardening, small scale farming, hunting, fishing, foraging etc.
  • navigating the health care system and finding nutrition related services
  • nutrition risk assessments and referrals
  • education on nutrition, traditional foods, harvesting, cooking and preserving
  • food safety, kitchen/food preparation skills for all ages
  • access to traditional and healthy foods, medicines and teas

workshops, training and events when available

  • one on one dietary analysis and meal planning
  • coping with food sensitivities
  • nutrition support for elders

All food, nutrition, harvesting related questions welcome!  If you are looking for specific game meat, wild food or medicine, feel free to reach out and ask for assistance.

Wiisinadaa: Let’s Eat!

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