EarlyON: Outdoor Playgroup

For more information please email Barb at earlyonbmc@mwikwedong.com or you can join us on Facebook !

LLC: Craft Afternoon

For more information or to register please contact Bonnie at ext 230 or by email at llc-bc@mwikwedong.com You can find the Life Long Care program on Facebook here

AkweGO: Nigig

This program provides 1:1 support and group activities for Indigenous children between 7 to 12 years of age. For more information please contact Mara at akwego@mwikwedong.com or through Facebook

Mashkiki Indaaw

If interested, contact Karen at 2spiritmentor@mwikwedong.com tor find Karen on Facebook here or if you like you can call 519-371-1147 ext. 238

Hand Drumming

For hand drumming please contact Tanya 519 372 7898 or Robyn 226 668 7457 to arrange transportation. For more information please go to the M’Wikwedong Hand Drumming Facebook Group here

Good Food Box Pick up

For more information or to sign up please contact your program coordinator or you can reach out to Adrienne at wiisinaada@mwikwedong.com or on Facebook  

Youth Drop In

If interested contact Adrienne by calling 5119-371-1147 ext. 258 or you can email at wiisinadaa@mwikwedong.com