Program Coordinators: Mara Bouwman

Contact Email(s): akwe.go@mwikwedong.com

Phone: 519-371-1147 x224



This program has been specifically designed to provide a comprehensive program to urban Aboriginal children between the ages of 7 – 12. The goal of the program is to provide urban Aboriginal children with the support, tools and healthy activities which will build upon and foster their inherent ability to make healthy choices. This program has been designed based on a fundamental principle; to improve the quality of life of urban Aboriginal children through the delivery of culturally appropriate programs and services.

Program Objectives

Social Supports

The Akwe:go program offers a supportive safe and culturally appropriate program environment for children which:

  • facilitates the assessment of required services and identifies areas of difficulties experienced by program participants
  • includes an after school component which provides a safe and structured environment in which children can relax, play and/or complete homework
  • facilitates support circles and peer counseling opportunities

Children In Care
The Akwe:go program offers supports to children in care and their non-native adoptive or foster parents which includes:

  • A focus and outreach component for children in care who may not have access to their culture
  • Increased support and culturally appropriate services to non-native adoptive and foster parents parenting Aboriginal children
  • Encouraging the development and implementation of protocol arrangements between mainstream agencies and M’Wikwedong to better support culturally appropriate interventions

Health and Physical Development
The Akwe:go program has a strong focus on healthy living and we encourage this by:

  • providing nutritious snacks and cooking opportunities
  • incorporating teachings and learning activities to enable participants to make informed nutritional choices
  • providing safe and healthy opportunities for children to enjoy a variety of physical activities
  • increases access to recreational and sporting activities so that urban Aboriginal children can achieve a level of enjoyment and excellence consistent with their abilities and aspirations

Institutional Interventions
The Akwe:go program provides activities and supports for children experiencing problems in the home, with educators and/or police. This aspect of the program includes:

  • the development of activities which encourage a change in behaviour/relationship towards peers and/or authorities, such as role playing and peer counseling
  • the acceptance of referrals from parents/guardians, educators and/or police so that early intervention can more often lead to the reduction of chronic problems
  • the facilitation of, or direct access to, educational support services

Supports for Children with FASD and Disabilities
The Akwe:go program provides support to children with FASD and disabilities, and their families through:

  • incorporating a parent-support component which can provide basic coping skills, tools and preventative education
  • including an after-school tutoring and mentoring program for children who have such challenges
  • providing increased opportunities for children to participate in safe, supervised physical activities

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