Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living

Program Coordinators: Matthew Baker

Contact Email(s): uahlp@mwikwedong.com

Phone: 519-377-7608 ext. 232


The Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living Program (UAHLP) can help you achieve your lifestyle goals! This program is taking major strides to help community members to increase their physical activity levels and their cardio-vascular health; to become smoke-free; to increase their knowledge of nutrition, healthy eating practices and weight management; and, to enhance the leadership ability of our youth.

While the UAHLP will offer great benefits for the community as a whole, it will maintain four key target groups for special programming:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Women
  • Seniors and disabled adults

Other healthy living programs available to interested community members are:

  • Healthy Eating, Healthy Weight
  • Smoke Free Living/Smoking Cessation

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